We Do This Because We Forget copyist

Someone has copied both my We Do This Because We Forget project name and the concept and created a Flickr group. Then sent me a photo of a pole. Then tweeted me with a conversation that they’d had with someone else about their pole pics.

My initial reaction was to email them and ask them to change the name. But after some thought perhaps it’s more interesting to let this develop and see where it ends up. More info and links soon.


Art Meets Language


I went to the private view of Art Meets Language at the beautiful Austrian Cultural Forum in Knightsbridge

The highlight of the show for me was Jochen Höller’s works.

“By rearranging these texts sentence by sentence and word by word, at times even extracting only the punctuation marks, he creates collages generating a new context for the texts and conveying new meanings.”

Chatted to the Forum’s Director, Elisabeth Kögler about the works and about how the Austrian government backs them financially. Difficult to imagine the British government putting money behind such an intimately curated show.