Today’s lecture on Action Research

Thought I’d get the bare bones of a post down before I forget it all.

Today’s lecture was on Action Research. We completed the following questions then discussed with the person next to you.

My answers and the subsequent discussion were illuminating.

What do I make?

Narratives, stories. On paper, on screen, online

In what ways do I want to change & improve what I make?

Currently the narrative appears as a byproduct of the work. I want to make the story the focus of my work

How do I feel this MA will help make these changes?

Time, experimentation, mistakes, reflection

With my recent collage works I find that the juxtaposition of 2 images imposes a new narrative structure onto existing imagery.





And imagery taken from We Do This Because We Forget reveals narrative elements too.



More to come on this, just wanted to get some thoughts down….



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