Initial project proposal (s)

My initial proposal spans 3 different but connected projects. I’m going to work these into one document but thought it worth posting my initial reaction to the project proposal as a matter of record.

Project Proposal 1 – Immersive Storytelling: The Viewer As Narrator

• Create a non-linear story
• Give control to the audience
• Explore ways of inserting the viewer into the story
• Test gesture / voice controlled video
• Write a multi-strand screenplay
• Create an immersive environment
• Research storytelling in all forms
• Game theory
• Immersive art (Stan Douglas / Mark Boulos /Sophie Calle / That 3d artist)
• Pepper’s Ghost
• Interactivity and the cinema
• Write
• Find collaborators (set/fashion/3d/camera/actors)
• Create test footage
• Test interactive video systems
• Experiment with filmed and live action
An immersive environment where the viewer controls the narrative and is an integral part
of the work.
Project Proposal 2 – Art From Loss: Editing The Abandoned
• Explore theories of remix culture and appropriation
• Create artworks from found or abandoned imagery
• Use different medium (video, paper, online)
• Does transplanting one medium to another change the artwork?
• Creating works on paper that are projected onto a surface.
• Creating works on paper that are digitised
• Creating works on paper that are digitised and printed
• Creating works that are interactive
• Video remix culture (EBN, Hexstatic)
• Collage (Stezaker, Gordon, Schwitters)
• Film (Cortinas, LA Plays Itself, Supercuts, Christian Marclay’s Telephones)
• Find the imagery
• Record where the imagery is taken from
• Explore the relationships between disparate source material
• Create video collages
• Create digital collages
Works on paper and screen.
Proposal 3 – Horror, Fashion and The Body
• Explore themes and imagery associated with genre film
• Create a genre film
• Can genre film be transplanted into a gallery environment?
• How important is plot?
• Can a visual poem be created from the tropes found in genre cinema?
• Can existing materials be appropriated?
• Tears Of Your Body
• Dario Argento
• French and American Noir
• Jean-Pierre Melville
• British and American Horror Cinema
• Berbarian Sound Studio
• Italian Giallo Cinema
• The Devil Rides Out
• Write
• Find collaborators (set/fashion/camera/actors)
• Create test footage
• Explore remixing the work for the gallery
A film that is screened in a cinema
A film that can be remixed for the gallery

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