Noodle Descending a Staircase at Everything Begins To Run – Block 336


Charlotte Webb’s Noodle Descending a Staircase at Everything Begins To Run – Block 336

Felt that the work wasn’t as immediate as it could be due to the viewer having to use a mouse and keyboard to interact with the piece

I feel unsure as to what is gained by displaying the piece in the context of a gallery, as opposed to it living on the web.


Skype crit reflection

My thoughts on the Skype session:

1. 3 hours is too long – I was last and after 2.5 hours felt exhausted. The amount of feedback I got about my work was negligible – totally understandable as everyone else was exhausted too!

2.  As written English is not the first language for 80% of the students – are sessions involving fast and furious typing appropriate?

3. Instead of feeling energised and excited about my work, I felt utterly deflated. It’s significant that I haven’t produced a single piece of work since the session.

I’m listing the feedback and recommendations below for future reference. I do have to say though – after one term this is all there is in terms of critical feedback. For me it really isn’t enough. I’m wondering whether switching to online wouldn’t be a better option, as they get weekly feedback sessions. Studio-based students get no feedback at all. I understand that a Masters is a self-initiated programme, but currently I feel like I’m floundering around with no sense of direction or purpose.


Husein Caglayan

Julie Taymor


I’d say taking images from a highly recognised medium such as film is a fairly well-established postmodern technique – a subversion of recognition

Maybe worth trying to understand the Dadaists (I know Dadaism is not really something to ‘understand’) but particularly looking at how they used collage, photomontage and assemblage techniques

I also think it’s worth understanding the nature of the “icon”. I used to live with a Croatian painter who’s uncle designed the gates for the Vatican (!) and he paints in a really traditional iconic style, but his material is surreal. Hard to find on the internet, but I managed to dredge this up:

This book is essential reading Film Art: An Introduction by David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson

I also recommend a Chinese film maker who is Xiaoxian Hou.

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