Plastics Installation – Interim Show

Thinking of how the video/content appear next to the objects. Could it appear next to them, projected from the ceiling?


Could I project all of the plastic items onto the table from above, and have a few of them placed as objects in amongst the projection?


Version 2 – webcam mounted above the table / surface – this means I don’t have to use a transparent surface / cut holes out of the table


And a very rough idea of what the mixture of projected and real items would look like



Collecting Coloured Plastic Washed Up By The Sea – Interactive sketch idea


I’m going to create a test piece for the interim show at Brixton East.

It’ll involve 1 or more of the plastic pieces, probably on a table. A webcam mounted underneath, Using Processing (with a huge amount of help from Ed Kelley) the webcam will detect if one (or more?) of the objects are moved/picked up. This will then trigger audio, video, still images or text – projected (on the table?) or on a screen. It’s an ambitious sketch to work out in 3 weeks but would like to prove the theory – and then expand the work.

Fear & Fantasy – A1 print from collage


I scanned my ‘Fear & Fantasy’ collage to A0 size, then printed it onto a medium weight, matte paper. I kept the ripped edges of the collage in the piece and think it really works – I want to reference where the source material came from. I really like the way that the cut-out part of the collage looks…cut out..(for want of a better word)

Printing ‘Crime & Punishment’ next Thursday.