Please Murder Me – Noir Re-fit

I took Peter Godfrey’s 1956 Noir film ‘Please Murder Me’ and extracted, remixed then looped scenes from it.

I projected 9 loops on the studio wall, in grid format and also with the video windows at different sizes.

I’m going to create different loops from the same film, and different loops from different films, then experiment with how these are projected.

Also going to re-record the voice in the Please Murder Me loop, so it countdowns from 10 minutes to zero, i.e.:

‘In exactly 10 minutes time..I’ll be dead’

then 1 minute later

‘In exactly 9 minutes time…I’ll be dead’

until we reach zero…then I’m not sure what’ll happen.

NB: The version above is taken from a small mobile phone version of the film. I like the degraded quality it has when projected but I’m currently downloading a higher quality version of the film to work with.


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