Tutorial with Fran Cottell



1) The suggestion that I print out all of my collages and hang them in an unused gallery space (i.e the space at the front of the Camberwell building when disused between shows) was an excellent one. Currently my collages exist in sketchbooks and online.

2) The suggestion that I need to deepen my research ‘to allow me to see patterns’ within my practice


1) When discussing the interactive piece I was making for the interim show Fran said that she’d seen ‘lots of this kind of work before’ and ‘it looks like something that belongs in the science museum’. I didn’t feel that this was constructive criticism.

2) Similarly when viewing my Noir loops the only feedback I received was ‘loads of people are doing stuff with film’. Again, not that helpful.

3) Her ideas for my interactive piece ranged from the odd (‘I did a workshop where all the ladies had to show the contents of their handbags’) to the downright bizarre (‘ask everyone to give you a piece of their hair’). I was nonplussed by the direction that the tutorial had taken and ended it.



Exploring The Abandoned. Midpoint review.

Reflection on the midpoint review.

Feedback from my colleagues on my work was neglible. The usual people participated and the usual people didn’t. This is frustrating for someone of my age – I have the confidence to give constructive criticism / feedback, but this can’t be said for the majority of the students in my year. So…

One thing I picked up on was that nobody talked about the subtitled narratives that I’d imposed onto the archive.org video clips. There was talk of the decontextualisation of the imagery, of the viewer being forced to impose their own narrative, but no comments about the mini-scripts that I’d writtten. This seems to back up the reflective observations that I made about this part of The Mystery Beach.

I feel that the amount / diversity of the work that I’m producing is perhaps going against me a little – I’m not working on The Big Idea – nor am I spending months working on one piece. I know this experimental idyll will have to come to an end once we move into year 2, but I will strive to maintain a reckless appproach to making work.