Redacted Comics v4 – Mind Warp

I’m using to test my rearranged narratives concept. Click the image to view.



Redacted Comics v2

I’m working with spraypaint, masking out comicbooks to create new narratives or poems, with reference to works like William Burrough’s cutups, Tom Phillips A Humument and Mark Z. Danielewski’s House Of Leaves.

I want to explore displacing narrative. So, highlighting elements of dialogue, imagery or descriptive text across multiple comic books then hanging them together to create a new, sequential narrative.

I’m experimenting with different methods of highlighting (masking, scraping / wiping away the paint when wet / dry, leaving parts of the pages still-visible when looking at them in a certain light etc) and with different colours / types of spray paint. So far enamel engine paint seems to be the best – it gives a luxurious, glossy coating to the pages and makes them feel more like sculptural objects than printed paper.

Black Drown

Black Drown

He Knows What It Must Be


Through The Door


Nothing Has Changed You Have Arrived






Raspberry Pi + Processing


I’ve been setting up the Raspberry Pi. Just got Processing 2.1.2 running on it. Next step is to get the script (written by Ed Kelly) for ‘The Mystery Beach‘ running on it.

Why a Pi?

I have an idea around using a motion sensor to control video across several screen. I’m going to work through a bunch of tutorials, learn to code using Python then test my idea out.

I also want to further the concept I tested at the Brixton show. I have the script running but have some errors – It think they refer to OpenGL but need to do some further debugging.

During the Brixton East show I learnt that having to deal with a laptop in a public space is a massive pain. Having to visit the gallery twice a day, unlocking/locking up the laptop etc

This site helped me set up Processing on the Pi.