Back in the studio after a week on the PG CERT course that Istituto Marangoni have enrolled me on. The course has great relevance for my Masters (reflective learning, teaching and learning theory) but also increases my workload considerably (the qualification equates to 1/3 of a full Masters).

Prior to this week I’ve been struggling with the Pi and Processing. After several frustrating days (and with the help of Ed Kelly) I’ve discovered that the Pi isn’t capable of running Processing at the speed necessary to display video. I’ve now purchased a small desktop PC which I’m going to use exclusively for Processing-based installation work. I still have the ‘stealability’ issue to deal with, but figure a refurbished desktop machine is way less covatable than a laptop. Nethertheless, I’ve lost a couple of weeks trying to bend the Pi to my will, so now I have rather a large mountain to climb if I’m going to show anything in July.

With this in mind I thought I’d spec out the rest of June. I’m pursuing 3 projects so the next 2 weeks are going to be crucial. I have a Plan A, Plan B and Plan C with regards to both the Lumen Prize and the interim show.

The 3 ideas that I’m working on are:


Plan A – Interactive video installation

Using Processing, a sonar distance sensor, a video projector, sound and image assets. The viewer controls the speed that a set of images appear. The closer they get to the projection, the slower the image rate, halting when the viewer is approx 1cm from the image.


a ‘Noir’ version of The Mystery Beach, re-using the technology from the interim show at Brixton East


Plan B – Video installation


Appropriated footage from John Boorman’s 1967 revenge thriller Point Blank


Appropriated footage from Peter Godfrey’s 1956 film noir Please Murder Me


Plan C – Redacted Comics

Display a series of redacted comics, perhaps in conjunction with a moving image piece.


W/C 16th June:

Get sonar distancing sensor, arduino and Processing to talk to each other.

Use distance measuring to control the image rate.

Test with imagery created by me (collage, greek statue vs superhero, digital collage)

Test with imagery downloaded from the internet

W/C 23 June

Finalise imagery to be used in installation

Work on display options for redacted comics

Test Point Blank / Please Murder Me footage

W/C 30 June

Enter work for Lumen


Final Piece – Interim Show

The final piece was made using the technology described above, with the viewer controlling the rate of the actors pace, using appropriated footage from the revenge thriller ‘Point Blank’.


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