Drop Dead Gorgeous by Alexandra Drawbridge



I managed to catch the last day of ex-Camberwell student Alexandra Drawbridge’s first solo show at the Schwarzt Gallery. A great discovery (both artist and gallery). I really responded to the way she appropriated images from crime drama and changed their context.

From the press release:

“Drawbridge’s large digital prints of cropped female faces are at once alluring and unsettling. In this new work she has enlarged small sections of imagery from popular crime drama, transforming them into works of art, which navigate a space between intimidation and seduction.

These are powerful images where passive gestures exert a dominating presence. They are erotic but also alarming. Working on many levels to pull the viewer into a relationship, yet simultaneously push them away. They become vast human landscapes demanding engagement, yet the eyes are detached and uncommunicative. As the viewer approaches the printed surface disperses and moves away from the figurative to a more minimal intangible form.

Despite the contemporary context these works suggest classical references, such as Bernini’s sculptural epic ‘Ecstasy of St Teresa’ as well as exploring questions of fantasy and fetishism in relation to visual representation.”


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