Appropriation and Immersion


“Appropriation is indeed the first stage of postproduction: the issue is no longer to fabricate an object, but to choose one among those that exist and to use or modify these according to a specific intention.”

Bourriaud N. in Postproduction / Appropriation


“We fear the fictional even as we long to immerse ourselves in it”

Rose.F in The Art Of Immersion

These two books are proving revelatory, both in terms of my own practice and also in influencing my research paper proposal. Frank Rose has an interesting blog too.


Here’s a bit of light appropriation – based relief from Beyonce for a sunny Friday.


Christian Marclay’s ‘The Clock’

Looking at  Marclay’s 24 hour film ‘The Clock’. I’m interested in the fact that there are two different versions of the work (for screen and for print). The screen version shows partial scenes from films, the print version focuses on the clocks within each scene.

Single frames of film, viewed in isolation allows the viewer to project their own narrative and create imaginary scenes.


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