Constant Dullaart

These pieces really stood out for me at Constant Dullaart’s recent show at Carroll / Fletcher. An image displayed on a screen, with a photoshop selection around certain elements of the photograph. Incredibly simple, something that I’ve seen and used every single day for the last 17 years or so, but was so moving to look at when applied in this way. I really responded to these pieces, for me they lifted the show out of the post-internet / post-irony fad that is kicking around the galleries of London at the moment and repositoned the photoshop selection as a form of animation.


Pencil / Line / Eraser

Carroll/Fletcher has become the default gallery for me when I’m drifiting aimlessly around Fitzrovia. The latest show explores drawing in many different forms, one of the highlights being Julius von Bismarck & Benjamin Maus‘s Perpetual Storytelling Apparatus:

“It takes seven million patents – linked by over 22 million references – as its vocabulary. New visual connections and narrative layers emerge within the telling of this story through the graphical depiction of technical advancements.”

Obvious links with my own practice (the displacement of text, making connections previously unseen, new narratives) notwithstanding, probably one of my favourite pieces of the last few months, along with this from the recent Constant Dullaart show at the same space.