Jane + Louise Wilson at Paradise Row

janelouisewilson-2janelouisewilson-1Just caught the latest by Jane and Louise Wilson at Paradise Row. Blurb below:

Paradise Row presents False Positives and False Negatives, an exhibition of recent works by Jane & Louise Wilson. Bringing together several bodies of work, the exhibition explores the act of surveillance, considering its form and presence in spaces burdened by potent histories.

Face Scripting – What Did the Building See? is a two-part film installation surrounding the shadowy events of the 2010 assassination of a Hamas operative in a Dubai hotel room, constructed using the artists’ own film and real CCTV footage compiled and then released on YouTube by the UAE’s state police.

The installation used a really simple but effective way of immersing the viewer in the film – a piece of black reflective material positioned on either side of the screen, causing it to reflect and repeat into the distance. Parts of the film contained text written backwards, so the viewer is forced to look at the reflected screen to read the text the right way round. An idea worth stealing for sure.