Arebyte – NeoCraft show


I showed three works work as part of the group show ‘NeoCraft‘ at the Arebyte gallery in Hackney Wick. ‘Premonition’ – a redacted comic book, ‘Gucci Women’, a video loop, and ‘My Dreams Aren’t Always So Sweet’ – a collage of various comic book panels, rearranged and then spray painted, a disrupted narrative.

The last work is a real progression for me, both in terms of the way I construct the image, but also in the finish I’m achieving (by changing printing technique as well as the way I apply the paint.

I’ll write up a separate post of the whole ‘matt linear vs gloss redacted and disrupted narrative drama’ that’s been going on for the last few months.


Disrupted Comic Book Narratives – work in progress

I’m working on a series of large-scale comic book pages which combine frames from different sources, frames with dialogue removed and enlarged details from frames, with the intention of creating new narratives. I’ll then spray paint / highlight dialogue as in the Redacted Batman series.


Sorry To Take Such A Long Time




My Dreams Aren’t Always So Sweet




I’ll collate all of my research and thinking on the large scale works I’ve been creating in a future post.  These are the artists that I’ve been researching so far (list is not exhaustive)


Matt Mullican


Christian Marclay


Lewis Klahr



Keiichi Tanaami

Dara Birnbaum

Martin Arnold

Arturo Herrera

Phillipe Parreno

Allen Ruppersberg

Jordan Wolfson

Fear & Fantasy – A1 print from collage


I scanned my ‘Fear & Fantasy’ collage to A0 size, then printed it onto a medium weight, matte paper. I kept the ripped edges of the collage in the piece and think it really works – I want to reference where the source material came from. I really like the way that the cut-out part of the collage looks…cut out..(for want of a better word)

Printing ‘Crime & Punishment’ next Thursday.

Haurel & Lardy test


I found a book that contains blown up frames from Laurel & Hardy films – ‘The Best Of Laurel & Hardy’

With my proposal in mind I’m going to play around with scanning and arranging the frames on a timeline. This first attempt is just to see if it works. Not so interesting but I get a flick book effect. Next stage is to scan multiple films and re-edit the frames.

What if I recreate the original book but make the stills move? You turn the pages and the images move,flick book style.

Or make the still images animate / activate when touching them. Fujitsu have developed a device that turns any piece of paper into a gesture controlled device.