The Given That Keeps on Givin’

Clunie Reid private view at the Contemporary Art Society. Video work – ‘The Given That Keeps on Givin” and stills culled from the video (printed onto perspex then silver inked.) feature in the exhibition.

Found and staged images are subject to intense re-workings through an arbitrary combination of digital manipulation, collage and a diversity of printing processes’

I’ll write up my recent studio work soon, but Clunie Reid’s video collage work chimes with my recent work manipulating and collaging found imagery, then applying paint to further disrupt the image and it’s meaning.


Disrupted Comic Book Narratives – work in progress

I’m working on a series of large-scale comic book pages which combine frames from different sources, frames with dialogue removed and enlarged details from frames, with the intention of creating new narratives. I’ll then spray paint / highlight dialogue as in the Redacted Batman series.


Sorry To Take Such A Long Time




My Dreams Aren’t Always So Sweet




I’ll collate all of my research and thinking on the large scale works I’ve been creating in a future post.  These are the artists that I’ve been researching so far (list is not exhaustive)


Matt Mullican


Christian Marclay


Lewis Klahr



Keiichi Tanaami

Dara Birnbaum

Martin Arnold

Arturo Herrera

Phillipe Parreno

Allen Ruppersberg

Jordan Wolfson